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Ms. Alexander’s sensitive portrayals of horses are given just as much thought and care as those of people. The pose and expression are important, as is the clear expression in the eyes, the fall of the mane and rhythm of the tail. She especially enjoys capturing the subtle lighting effects of blue-sky- tinged highlights on glistening red or black equine muscles, but all colors have their beauty. Every breed of horse is welcome.

Ms. Alexander’s procedure is the same as that discussed in the FAQ section. If you have your own photographs of sufficient quality, they may also be used. Additionally, people with their horses are a favorite subject, either as a riding pose, or standing beside the horse. The price for a horse with a rider or other pose is higher commensurate with the level of complexity in the portrait.

"Bring me your ideas and I will work with you to translate them into a beautiful equine work of art."

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Soft Pastel

Soft Pastel Vignette

Soft Pastel

Soft Pastel

Soft Pastel Montage

Soft Pastel Vignette

Soft Pastel

Oil Vignette

Prices for Horse Portraits

Size Pastel Oil
16″ x 20″ Head and neck $600 $1100
20″ x 24″ Head and neck $750 $1500
24″ x 30″ Full body $1500 + up $2500 + up

All prices unframed. Shipping is additional. Horses with riders are priced individually. Please call or email to discuss your particular needs.