Fine Art Portraits of Pets

Dogs, cats, birds or wild animals with or without their owners

In oil or soft pastel

About Pet Portraits...

There is no finer piece of art to hang on a wall than a portrait of your beloved pet, and Cassidy J. Alexander has the years of experience and artistry to create it for you. A master portrait artist who is unabashedly a dog and cat lover, she carefully hand-creates the likenesses in oil or pastel to each customer’s specifications and satisfaction.

Cassidy’s pet portraits are startlingly realistic but with an artist’s touch, so that the painting is inevitably better than the photograph. Every marking, every turn of the ears, even the softness of the fur right down to the whiskers, is rendered faithfully so that you know immediately this is your dog or cat. She is particularly skilled with the eyes, as no matter how flat they may look in the original photo, she will add shine and sharpness until the real personality of the animal comes through. Ms. Alexander’s pet portraits make superb gifts.

Because of the restless nature of animals, the client must provide the photographs (which will be returned). Snapshots are fine. A pet may be reproduced in oil on canvas or in soft pastel – a permanent medium that will not crack, fade, yellow or peel. With proper framing, your custom work of art will maintain its vibrancy for decades to come. Framing is available from the artist for an extra charge, if the painting is picked up at her studio in Illinois.

Pet Gallery

Some of My Favorite Pet Portraits

Dog with Tennis Ball

16" x 20" pastel

Miss Penny Lane

16" x 20" oil


16" x 20" pastel


8" x 10" pastel


11" x 15" pastel

Standard Poodle

16" x 20" pastel


11" x 14" pastel


16" x 20" pastel

German Shepherd

11" x 15" pastel


11" x 15" pastel

Wire-haired Fox Terrier

11" x 15" pastel

Cat with Rose

11" x 14" pastel

Pet Portraits From Photographs

original photo



This cutie has the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen and this pose shows them off well. The original photo was a bit dark so I adjusted that and used my artistic license to jazz up the background with a little color to match the feminine collar and bow.

original photo



A candid snapshot can make a great painting. Here, I cleaned up a messy background and added soft color shadows to the white blankets for a more pleasing portrait.

original photo



Sunlight is best for showing form on black dogs. Since I was making just the head and chest, I chose a simple background, but suggested sky and earth in a light-to-dark field, which helped to vignette the black chest while still highlighting the face.

original photo



The cat had an unusual expression. I tried to capture what I saw, but enlarged the pupils to feature the eyes, and eliminated the artificial rosy reflection from the left side.

original photo



A beautiful cat taking a nap on a gorgeous bedspread! I adjusted for the too-gold photo and made a soft vignette all around while capturing the sun dappled fur and whiskers.

original photo



It’s easy to eliminate a busy background and to correct the “alien eyes” effect of light bouncing off the pupils. The owner insisted: Missy’s ears were always like that!

original photo



Here I felt the inclusion of the front legs was needed, and using the colorful rug as a foil for the creamy white fur gives the portrait some weight and balance. The tilt of her head is delightfully expressive!


What My Pets Clients Have Said…

I didn’t think I would want a portrait of my dog. Now I do. It’s absolutely wonderful!

- Michael Jackson, Los Angeles

after receiving a gift portrait

Just a note to say how I loved the portrait of my cat ‘Friskee.’ My husband had it done for my birthday. I just love it! You captured her look so well….

- Charlene Costa

Glendora, CA

Thanks so much for the beautiful picture of Austin. It looks so much like him that when I feel lonely, I just look at this picture. I’m so glad I had you do this. I can actually see his soul in his eyes.

- Toni

Saginaw, MI

Hello Cassidy, Oh my goodness, it's PERFECT! I love it! Thank you so much for a wonderful portrait.

- Christina Jurusik


Thank you very much for the terrific job you did on the painting of Francis and ChooChoo. Everyone who views the painting is astonished at the quality of your work, as I am...

- G. Paximadas

Fresno, CA

We would give you the world if it were ours to give. We lost our “Blues” in January and you gave her back to us. Your portrait is so life-like we feel we could just reach out and touch her. We hurt so much and when we received the portrait, well you’ll never know how happy you made us. You are a very special person!

- L. & S. Upp

Pearblossom, CA

I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did on my dog’s (Sir Mike) portrait. Your talent has precisely captured his look and character in this portrait.

- D. Lounang


The portrait is absolutely fabulous. You truly captured not only the physical features of our Norwich, “Mattie”, but also her spirit and character. When I opened it, I started to cry, it was so magnificent!

- M. Rushford

New Jersey

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on the portrait of Nigel. It is about life-size and looks so much like him that I get the urge to feed him!

- L. Taylor

North Carolina

Just thought I would share - the portrait of Satchel was a big hit! Thanks again.

- Rick Aaron


I love it!!!! It's perfect!!!!

- Rose Soares-Schmidt

We received the portraits and they are spectacular. You truly do outstanding work.

– Chuck B.


You have captured our “Norman” perfectly. The picture is stunning and I thank you for your talent and time.

- W. Acquistapace

West Covina, CA

It’s hard to express in words how special our pet is to us. We were amazed how you captured his “look” without even knowing or seeing him in person. I am not one to get teary-eyed over things. But when I realized what this gift was, all I could do was cry…..This portrait will be cherished all our lives…

- B.& K. Turner

Hayward, CA

We can see God’s work in your hands and His work shows in your heart.

- D. Carter


Prices for Dog or Cat Portraits

Size Pastel Oil
8″ x 10″ Head and chest $195 $300
12″ x 16″ Head and chest $250 $500
16″ x 20″ Head and chest $300 $750
20″ x 24″ Full body $500 + up $1100 + up