Cut Paper Profiles From Life

About Silhouettes

Few people realize what a wealth of detail exists in a well executed silhouette. Cassidy cuts hers in the traditional way, directly from life, using special folded paper and scissors only, without preliminary drawing, shadow tracing or digital manipulation. Each silhouette is hand-mounted with special glue on 5”x 7” art boards, ready to be framed or placed in your scrapbook as an heirloom to last for generations. Cassidy also has special black oval frames for sale, made just for these silhouettes.

When her schedule allows, Cassidy goes to Chicago-area specialty stores creating classic hand-cut silhouette portraits of remarkable warmth and detail in just minutes. Since she can cut any age child, many parents bring their littlest children too – even babies. There is no better gift for moms and grandparents than a custom, hand-crafted work of art of their little ones — especially when the cost is so reasonable! If you are not able to see Cassidy in person for a silhouette, she will work from a good profile photograph, preferably facing right, no smile, showing all the hair and some shoulder.

PRICES: $29 per individual silhouette, $12 for duplicates (cut at the same time) and $18 for oval frames.
Full body portrait silhouettes priced individually.

How did Cassidy come to do this rare art? See My Story for details.

Please see EVENTS for the latest silhouette appearance schedule.


If you’d like a silhouette of your children but cannot make any of the dates or places on the schedule, consider having a silhouette party in your home, school or church. Talk to your friends and neighbors and come up with a minimum of ten original silhouettes guaranteed for Cassidy to come out to you. I would sell to each individual there, and offer the extra copies and oval frames for sale. With twenty paid silhouettes (other than your own) you get two free with frames. There may be a trip fee if you are located far from Aurora, Illinois, but talk to the artist first.


The artist is also available for fundraisers and private parties in the greater Chicagoland area. Add her to your next event to give it that special touch! Whether you are planning a mitzvah, wedding, birthday party, anniversary party, grad night, father-daughter dance, quinceanera, baby shower or French market, your guests will have a great time watching her create these unique mementos with nothing but her eyes and a pair of scissors. These truly are party favors that will be kept and cherished for years! (There is a two hour minimum and trip fees are sometimes charged for distance. Please call or email for current prices by the hour.)


A lot of artists cut silhouettes in a very quick, generalized way. They use a formula developed for theme parks. For instance, they make every child look similar with the same round chin, pouty lips and simple turned up nose. Although some children may fit this profile, most have distinctive chins, lips, noses, foreheads and so on. A good silhouette artist who strives for true likeness will look for, and cut in, these distinct and subtle differences. Even a baby may have a turned down nose, for example. You should be able to see your unique child (or spouse or yourself) in the shadow profile. Even expressions can be evident in a good artist’s work. I recommend that you look at the artist’s work carefully before choosing who will do your child’s silhouette. It can make the difference between getting just a tossed off caricature or a true, heirloom portrait.

Silhouette Gallery

Some of My Favorite Silhouettes

Jay Leno

Conan O'Brien

Tony Bennett

Oprah Winfrey

Nicki Minaj

Donald Trump

Bruce Willis

Justin Bieber


bearded man

girl with headband

girl with braids

little girl

curly haired girl

multiple braids

big ponytail

girl with bow


full curly hair

curly haired boy

ponytailed woman

man with bushy eyebrows

boy with eyeglasses

young boy

little tot with waterfall ponytail

man in suit

young boy

pregnant woman

loose high bun hairdo

lovely woman

little ponytail

man in Civil War costume


Cassidy welcomes pet silhouettes, too. These are also little charmers that will be treasured for years to come. In this case, she works from photographs only and must be emailed or notified in advance. They are bust portraits unless otherwise requested. Often smaller dogs are cut smaller and larger dogs cut larger. Full body portraits are higher priced. Occasionally, if you don’t have a photograph, the artist may be able to take a profile photo of your dog or cat if you come to her, help with distracting the pet and the pet is cooperative. (Please call or email for current prices.)

German Shepherd


French Bulldog





Four Cats

My Story

For over 30 years my late husband, David Alexander, cut portrait silhouettes all across Southern California. He had apprenticed himself to an old silhouette artist because he had always loved the spare, direct designs of silhouettes. I assisted him with pasting, writing receipts and crowd control. Then, in late 2010, he died suddenly in a freak accident. While mulling over what to do next, particularly how to make a living, it became obvious to me that I should learn this wonderful, old art which requires special paper, special scissors and special glue, all of which I possessed. Since I have been a portrait artist for over 35 years, I had a leg up, but learning to “draw with scissors” – without sketching or projecting shadows - was quite tricky and required a lot of dedication to learn.

Fortunately, a number of children’s store owners have invited me in to create my artwork as a special event, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Please do support these stores as they have supported me! I am pleased to say that I’ve gotten a very positive reception for my work, not only because I really study the face and get a likeness just as in any other portrait, but also because I enjoy it immensely as a counterpoint to my pastel and oil portraits, which I continue to this day. I hope you enjoy your cut paper silhouette as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

- Cassidy J. Alexander


Unsolicited Comments From Actual Silhouette Customers…

You did a great job and captured each one! Thank you!

- Charles Boyle, Illinois

I absolutely love them!

- Kate Sprinkle, Chicago

I just wanted to let you know I received the silhouette pictures of my grandsons yesterday. I was so excited it was like Christmas in July! You captured them perfectly. What an amazing gift you have!! Thank you again and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

- Marcia, Donohoo, OH

I love, love, love them! Thanks so much!

- Sarah Miller, Chicago

Thanks Cassidy. The silhouettes arrived. They look great! Everyone is delighted.

- Jane X, Chicago

OH MY GOD!!! So Sweet!! Thank you!! You’ve captured her perfectly – crazy curls and all!

- Katie Hawkey, Chicago

Thank you! The girls’ silhouettes are beautiful!

- D. Boskovic, Illinois

You did such an amazing job with my kids this morning. You are beyond talented! I love the result---ADORE the oval frames (great choice--such a throwback) and I want everyone to know about your amazing work! In fact....we might have to hire you for a party some day.

- Kendra Melodia, Illinois


- Melissa McCullough, CA

Looks fantastic! Thanks for doing that so fast!!

- C. Hara, Washington, D.C.

Time-Lapse Silhouette Cutting By Cassidy

2019 Spring Silhouette Schedule

Date Location For Appointments
Apr 25 Gingerbread House Toys, 915 E Washington Ste 3, Bloomington, Illinois 309-827-8811
Apr 26 Geppetto's Toy Box, 730 Lake St, Oak Park 708-445-9906
May 2 Building Blocks Toys, 2017 Clybourn, Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago
May 3 Building Blocks Toys, 2130 W Division, Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago
May 8-9 Building Blocks Toys, 3306 N Lincoln, Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago